The GDA2020 logo is available for spatial data and application producers to highlight products that use, or are capable of handling GDA2020 coordinate references. There are three logo styles offered. All GDA2020 logos are available to download here, subject to agreeing to the GDA2020 Logo Terms and Conditions of Use.

Elements and concepts of the GDA2020 logo design

The graphic element of the logo depicts the path of a point along a curve toward the northeast. As Australia’s tectonic plate moves northeast at a rate of about 7 centimetres per year, the continent also rotates slowly clockwise.  The curve represents the path mapped out by these two actions.  The two different sized blue circles represent the increasing positional accuracy from its original location to its future position. Combined with the GDA2020 text, any product carrying this logo is unambiguously defined as connected to the 2020 realisation of the Geocentric Datum of Australia.

What does the GDA2020 logo mean on a product?

The GDA2020 logo is available for use on GDA2020 Compliant or GDA2020 Compatible products.  The ICSM does not directly verify any product’s compliance with GDA2020, but will permit the GDA2020 logo to be depicted on products where a supplier declares it GDA2020 Compliant or GDA2020 Compatible.
A producer using the GDA2020 logo must ensure any product bearing the GDA2020 logo is either GDA2020 Compatible or GDA2020 Compliant.  These terms are defined in the table below.

GDA2020 Compliant Products GDA2020 Compatible Products

Are based on positions measured or calculated directly from coordinated positions that are traceable to the National Measurement (Recognized-Value Standard of Measurement of Position) Determination 2017.

Use algorithms that can produce the same results as the Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020 Technical Manual examples and sample data and the GDA94 – GDA2020 Online Transformation Service, within the limits of position uncertainties required by the product, and as documented by the product

Use a position uncertainty such that the difference between the datum used and GDA2020 is insignificant.
Contain support material consistent with the technical requirements set out in the Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020 Technical Manual and state the datum or reference frame being used or transformation algorithms used in preparing the product.
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