All–Hazards Symbology Special Interest Working Group
This Working Group was formed in 2005 to oversee the initial stages of the creation of an Australasian All–Hazards Symbol library.  It was disbanded in 2008 having successfully fulfilled its Terms of Reference. The final gap analysis report prepared by the Group in May 2007 can be downloaded as a zip file containing nine pdf files (2.7 MB)

Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure Working Group
In 2007, in recognition of the importance Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) to the Australian spatial industry, established an ASDI Working Group to review the current status of the ASDI and to develop a vision for its future. 
This was disbanded in 2008 having having published an in–depth review of the ASDI.

Data Framework Technical Sub–Committee
This working group was formed in 2001 to manage the maintenance, implementation and further development of the ICSM Harmonised Data Model which was released by ICSM in 2000.
It was retired in 2012.

Native Title Working Group
Formed in 2001 to contribute to increased ‘certainty’ in identifying native title rights and interests, and to develop a data model for native title information.  It was disbanded in 2008 having successfully fulfilled its Terms of Reference.

SAWG – Street Addressing Working Group 
This Committee was formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2005. 
Its role was to develop and implement the Australia and New Zealand Rural and Urban Addressing Standard (AS/NZS 4819:2003).

Tidal Interface Working Group
This Committee was formed in 2001 and disbanded in 2006. 
Its role was to review and document the definition of boundaries in the tidal interface, with a particular focus on rationalising the number of definitions in use.