ICSM’s role is to provide leadership through coordination and cooperation in surveying, mapping and charting by:

  • addressing national and international surveying, mapping and charting issues
  • supporting the development and implementation of national and international standards for surveying, mapping and charting
  • providing a national and trans-Tasman forum for identifying and developing surveying, mapping and charting policy and technology issues, and for the exchange of information on surveying, mapping and charting
  • encouraging and sponsoring research into surveying and mapping and charting.

ICSM’s core function is to coordinate and promote the development and maintenance of key national spatial data including geodetic, topographic, cadastral, street addressing, tides & sea level, and geographical names.  ICSM carries out its role by meeting its objectives in the areas of:

  • National geodesy
  • National topographic data
  • National hydrographic data
  • National cadastral data and cadastral development
  • National tides and sea level
  • National geographical names
  • National Native Title issues
  • Trans-Tasman cooperation
  • International links and liaison