Addressing underpins the delivery of many fundamental services to our communities from emergency services dispatch through to the delivery of postal services.

The Addressing Working Group is responsible for standardising the assignment, storage and exchange of addresses to enable the efficient delivery of services from a local level to a federated level across Australia and New Zealand.

We aim to support and promote a world leading interactive ecosystem that delivers a single point of reference for all Australian and New Zealand geocoded physical addresses.

Addressing 2035

Addressing today has many challenges which often impede the efficiency of service delivery and can result in significant safety concerns. As Australia and New Zealand start to invest in spatially enabled digital twins, the technical challenges with service delivery are expected to grow. Modelling addressing in complex sites, such as apartment buildings, shopping centres, lifestyle and retirement villages is problematic, and the addressing ecosystem will continue to evolve as we start to integrate the delivery of services into future 3D and 4D spatially enabled digital twins.

The Addressing Working Group has developed “Addressing 2035”, a strategy which defines a vision and roadmap to deliver a dynamic and integrated whole of Government addressing ecosystem, to enable service delivery and support a 3D and 4D digital economy.

Any questions or comments on Addressing 2035 can be directed to the Chairperson of the Addressing Working Group, via ICSM at