Cadastre 2034: Powering Land and Real Property

Cadastre 2034: Powering Land and Real Property is a national strategy for Cadastral Reform and Innovation for Australia. It has been prepared by the Permanent Committee on Cadastre; a Subcommittee of ICSM.

The strategy captures the trends and articulates the vision of what we believe the community will require of our cadastral system by 2034. It identifies where current information falls short of today’s consumer expectations, and considers the user scenarios that could trigger changing needs in the future. Cadastre 2034 has been developed with input from a New Zealand perspective and Trans–Tasman collaboration remains an important feature of this strategy.

The vision for Cadastre 2034 is for a cadastral system that enables people to readily and confidently identify the location and extent of all rights, restrictions and responsibilities related to land and real property.
In future, citizens will know what can be done on land (rights), what cannot be done (restrictions) and what must be done (responsibilities).

Our mission is to promote and support innovation and provide the leadership, coordination and standards necessary to deliver a unified cadastral system that can be leveraged to find sustainable solutions to meet emerging needs and opportunities.

Available documentation in pdf format: 

Interactive version of Strategy 
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