Standard for the Australian Survey Control Network Special Publication 1 (SP1)

Version 2.1, October 2014

Introduction to the Standard and Guidelines (SP1 v2.1)

The Standard for the Australian Survey Control Network – Special Publication 1 (the Standard) and associated Guidelines provide an outcomes based framework that supports the highest level of rigour and integrity in the delivery and maintenance of Australia’s survey control mark network.

Version 2.0 of the Standard completes the transition from CLASS and ORDER to uncertainty as the basis for evaluating and expressing the quality of measurements and positions. The Standard’s definition of uncertainty is intended to be consistent with the ISO definition. The use of the term Local Uncertainty as defined in SP1 version 1.7 has been discontinued in this Standard.

Version 2.1 of the Standard and associated Guidelines now contain:

  • an update of the copyright statement to reflect ICSM’s Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence;
  • corrections to figures and example data;

The Guideline for Control Surveys by GNSS (v2.1) now contains recommendations and guidance on Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and Network-RTK surveys.

The Standard and Guidelines were developed by the state and territory jurisdictions in conjunction with the federal government, incorporating feedback from industry and academia. ICSM encourages businesses and individuals to adopt the new Standard and Guidelines as quickly and efficiently as business processes allow.

Need to find that coordinate?  Want to know what control is available in your area? Links to jurisdictional authorities for National Survey Control.

Feedback and Comments

A feedback and comment process following the ‘Guideline for Governance of ICSM Documents’ has been developed for stakeholders and other interested parties to provide comments and suggested edits for the updated Standard and Guidelines. To provide comment or feedback, a Statement of Proposal must be completed and emailed to

The Statement of Proposal for change must include:

  • The Document Title
  • The part of the Document proposed to be changed (section, page)
  • A Statement of Proposal
  • Rationale of the Proposal
  • The proposed change to the document

Standard for the Australian Survey Control Network (SP1), Version 2.1, October 2014

PDF versions:

Standard for Australian Survey Control Network v2.1.pdf

Word versions:

Standard for Australian Survey Control Network v2.1.docx

The previous version of SP1, v1.7, September 2007 has now been archived.