An online forum has been established by the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping to support users with the implementation of Australia’s new datum, GDA2020. The forum is a place to discuss and share experiences, and find answers to questions relating to the datum modernisation. This includes sector-specific assistance with technical aspects of the change, as well as help for spatial data novices to understand how datums work. It is moderated by members of the GDA Modernisation Implementation Working Group and other technical specialists from around Australia.

Sub-forums cater for questions relating to:

  • tools, advice, and tips for converting spatial data;
  • the implementation or use of GDA2020 in specific software or hardware products (ESRI, Mapinfo, QGIS, GNSS, LIDAR and aerial imagery);
  • implementation within specific states and territories, (moderated by GMIWG members from that jurisdiction); and
  • concerns or issues faced by specific industries, such as mapping and surveying, utilities, mining, agriculture, construction, transport, environmental management, emergency services and scientific research.

Comprehensive information about the datum modernisation is also available on our Frequently asked Questions page.